This Election Will Shape American Health Care

It’s safe to say that COVID-19, the country’s worst public health crisis in a generation, was the single most important issue in the 2020 Presidential race. It warped the campaign, sickened a candidate, and shaped not only voters’ opinions, but how they cast their ballots.

But amidst this unprecedented crisis, the topic of American health care—the single most impo…

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America’s Going to the Gym Again. That’s Bad News for Peloton, But Great News for Mental Health

Alison Phillips, an associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University, grew so, so tired of using the elliptical machine in her home, day after day, for over a year during the pandemic. First off, the repetition was aching her feet. But even worse, it hurt her mind. “It’s boring,” says Phillips. “Same thing, all the time.” So two weeks to the day after Phi…

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Christie's just sold a Rothko painting for $100 million in a secret sale

Christie's auction house in New York.CNBC

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