Craze for hornbill ‘ivory’ pushes Borneo icon to the brink

For decades poachers in Borneo’s western forests focused on capturing orangutans and sun bears, but in the past few years a surge in demand for hornbill “ivory” has pushed the avian species to the brink.The product has become so popular in China, where wealthy collectors are keen to show off their status by acquiring rare or unusual animals, that it is fetching up to five times the price of ele…

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Taco Cabana Announces New Chorizo And Egg Double Crunch Pizza, And New Shredded Chicken Double Crunch Pizza

Starting Thursday, February 2, Taco Cabana will debut the new Chorizo and Egg Double Crunch Pizza, alongside the new Shredded Chicken Double Crunch Pizza at all Texas Taco Cabana locations.

The brand’s Double Crunch Pizza’s feature two crispy tortillas blended with corn and flour, layered with the you choice of seasoned ground beef, shredded c…

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